Updated 5.20.2019

LEAGUEGame DateGame #AgeClubPlayer NamePass NumberJersey InfractionSanctionUpdate
DEV1/25/2019123612BMiramarA. Lindo66935C819VC4 games2 games left to serve – CARRY OVER TO 19/20
NPL3/3/20191311813BACYSE Sabastiani392e5e97VC2 games2 games to serve – CARRY OVER TO 19/20
NPL3/9/2019172517BWFFT. Brauneker0c828b952CT1 game1 game to serve – CARRY OVER TO 19/20
FPL2/10/20192176017BLakelandA. Murino7a0698d5VC2 games1 game left to serve – CARRY OVER TO 19/20
NPL8/17/2019151916BWellingtonL. Vivero1013648711VC4 games4 games to serve – starting 8.24.19


EEnters/Re-enters field of playCaution ONLY
LDeliberately leaves fieldCaution ONLY
FRDFails to respect req. distanceCaution ONLY
UBUnsporting BehaviorCaution ONLY
DTDissent by word or actionCaution ONLY
PIPersistent InfringementCaution ONLY
DRDelays restart of playCaution ONLY
ALOffensive, insulting or abusive language1 Game
2CTSecond caution in same match1 Game
SFPSerious Foul Play1 Game
DGHDenies opportunity by hand ball1 Game
DGFDenies opportunity by FK/PK offense1 Game
SSpits at opponent or other person2-3 Game
VCViolent Conduct2-6 Games
All red cards are subject to disciplinary examination and may be assessed additional games according to severity and repetition. All decisions are final and not open for appeal or subject to change.