ALL clubs will be required to complete the Florida Premiership application
The application process is closed for the 2019/2020 League year. Please send an email to admin@floridapremiership.org for dates for next year.

NPL: Each NPL club will be required to commit a minimum of 6 teams to the Boys (ENPL) and/or Girls (NPL) 13U-19U age groups please know that this cannot be 3 teams of girls and 3 teams of boys it must be 6 teams.  NPL Dev is optional for the 12U and not considered to be part of the minimum requirements.

FPL: Each FPL club will be required to commit a minimum of 4 teams in the 13U-19U age groups. These teams should be 1 per age group in whatever age group is appropriate for your club. If you would like to enter more than one team in an age group, then it must be approved by Florida Premiership Competition Committee.

RED: Regional Elite Development will be required to commit a minimum of 4 teams in the 9U-19U age groups.  This will be a regional based schedule.

Member Club Annual Dues (due upon acceptance to the league)

NPL: $500

FPL: $250

RED: $125

Individual Team League Fees

ENPL (Boys): $525

NPL (Girls): $475.

NPL DEV: $225

FPL: $295

FPL DEV: $225

RED: $195

Some expectations of the league: 

  • Each Florida Premiership member club must follow all NPL/FPL/RED club standards, playing rules and US Club Soccer policies which can be found on the site www.floridapremiership.org
  • Clubs will be responsible for game day referee fees and referee assigning fees for home games.
  • Neutral venue games will be assigned by the League and the clubs billed for the fees.
  • NPL & FPL DEV will have a regular schedule for the season as well as a scheduled weekend festival.
  • FAQ’s located here or if you have more questions, email us directly @ admin@floridapremiership.org