FPL Game Day Information

Head coaches of the home teams are to bring a blank copy of the game report to each game. Each team is to complete their half of the game report accurately. This will be checked against the US Club Soccer roster and passes by the home club representative for both teams.

The referee will use the game report for team check-in with the passes. The referee must ensure the game report is completed and signed at the end of the match and given to the home club.

The home club is responsible for returning the completed Florida FPL Game Report and both official US Club Soccer rosters used within 24 hours of the game’s completion, as indicated on the bottom of the game report.

Report Scores: Should be entered directly into GotSoccer after the game

Referee fees – Home/hosting club to pay referees (see suggested pay scale below)

  • U12: $80
  • U-13/14: $100
  • U-15/16: $120
  • U-17/19: $140

For fixtures that are scheduled at a neutral site the league will be handling the assigning, paying the referees and invoicing the clubs.

Incidents/Player Safety:  Game Incident Report Form


  • Home team wears white and away team wears dark
  • If there is a conflict in jersey colors, it is the home team’s responsibility to change colors.

Red Card Report:  (see home page)

Substitution Cards: All players reporting into the game will provide their player pass to the referee prior to entering. The referee will return all player cards at halftime to both teams for second half. All players must be checked in prior to game start

Game Change Request: